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I'm Ruebee, Founder, CEO, and Owner of Ruebee's Hair & Skin Cosmetics LLC. I am also a Medical Assistant. a Businesswoman, an Entrepreneur, and a Mother of 4 beautiful children. The wife of the CEO and Owner of Ruebee's Inc. I'm a hard-working, driven, and focused individual who continues to strive for success.

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My Story

Ruebee's Cosmetics is a family business providing consumers with 100% natural raw organic hair and skincare products. Some of the ingredients used in the products we've created were passed down to me from my father and have been in our family for more than four generations.


A little back Story

Growing up I witnessed firsthand my mother struggling to comb my sisters' and my hair. before my family and I migrated to North America, we lived in a small village on the west bank of South America Berbice, Guyana. My Father a proud afro Guyanese and Mother of Indian heritage didn’t have much and made the most of what little they had. I remember most days they didn’t have money to purchase brand names, or any named hair products, my mother would stress about what to do with my sister and my hair. I remember her noticing our hair started to shred, worrying that one day it will eventually become too thin. I then noticed my father started gathering some household ingredients alongside some coconut oil they cooked with, poured some into a container, and mix it with some raw Shea butter and castor oil. He gave it to my mother and said to her, “try using that on the girl’s hair!” I saw how confused my mother was because she’d never heard of or had to use those types of things in her hair. I think she was most worried about the smell the raw ingredients had, not forgetting the other kids and classmates in the village would make fun of us.

My father also had long beautiful locks and was already a step ahead! He mixed fragranced oils to eliminate any Oder the coconut oil and butter gave off. After a few months, my hair started to feel thicker and grew longer and my sister noticed that her scalp was no longer itchy. My mother also noticed after a bath our hair would continue to be hydrated. They would lotion our skin with some of the same ingredients, which made our skin glow in the light, and our bodies would be moisturized all day, even well after swimming or taking showers.

My Dream!

The foundation and creation of Ruebee’s hair & Skin Cosmetics LLC stemmed from my childhood, it brings me great joy to introduce a piece of my family to yours. I have been using these ingredients all my life and will pass them down to my children’s children. I’m pleased to deliver our 100% natural organic homegrown products to the consumers of the world.

"Let's Intensify Your Glow"

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