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I am Ruebee, the heart, and soul behind Ruebee's Hair & Skin Cosmetics LLC, where I take pride in my roles as the Founder, CEO, and Owner. My multifaceted journey also sees me wearing the hat of a Medical Assistant. As a spirited Businesswoman and Entrepreneur, my days are fueled by passion and dedication. I am blessed to be the mother to four wonderful children and the life partner to the CEO and Owner of Ruebee's Inc., my unwavering pillar of support. My journey is characterized by relentless hard work, an indomitable drive, and a laser-focused vision as I perpetually aspire for triumphs and achievements.

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My Story

Ruebee's Cosmetics is a cherished family enterprise that offers patrons an array of pure, unadulterated, and organic hair and skincare products. The recipes for some of the ingredients in our products have been lovingly inherited from my father and boast a rich heritage, as they have been a treasured part of our family for over four generations.

A Glimpse into the Past

As a child, my eyes were opened to the struggles my mother faced when it came to tending to my sisters' and my tresses. Before setting roots in North America, our humble abode was situated in an idyllic village on the west bank of Berbice, in the beautiful South American country of Guyana. With my father's Afro-Guyanese roots and my mother's Indian heritage, they were a simple couple who stretched every penny.

My father also had long beautiful locks and was already a step ahead! He mixed fragranced oils to eliminate any Oder the coconut oil and butter gave off. After a few months, my hair started to feel thicker and grew longer and my sister noticed that her scalp was no longer itchy. My mother also noticed after a bath our hair would continue to be hydrated. They would lotion our skin with some of the same ingredients, which made our skin glow in the light, and our bodies would be moisturized all day, even well after swimming or taking showers.

I still recall the days when purchasing branded, or any, hair products were beyond our means. My mother would often be fraught with worry, especially when she saw our hair begin to thin out and break. It was then that my father, like an alchemist in his lab, began concocting a blend from ordinary kitchen staples. Coconut oil, usually reserved for our meals, was mixed with raw Shea butter and castor oil. He presented this homemade remedy to my mother with the encouragement to use it on our hair. Her confusion was palpable, as this was completely alien to her. Her skepticism was mainly about the strong smell of the raw ingredients and the potential ridicule we might face from our peers.

My father, however, was no novice. He had glorious, long locks himself, and he knew just the trick. By infusing the mixture with fragrant oils, he masked the natural odors. And then, the magic began to unfold. Within months, our hair grew healthier, thicker, and longer. My sister's itchy scalp was no more, and our hair remained luscious and hydrated even after a bath. Our skin too was lavished with the same nurturing ingredients, and it glowed as if kissed by the sun, remaining moisturized through the day despite swims and showers.

My Aspiration!

This intimate chapter from my childhood paved the way for the genesis of Ruebee’s Hair & Skin Cosmetics LLC. It fills my heart with immense joy to share a fragment of my family’s heritage with you. These ingredients have been my lifelong companions and will be a legacy for future generations. It is with immense pride that I bring our 100% natural, organic, and homegrown products to the global stage, connecting tradition with modern-day care.

"Let's Intensify Your Glow"

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