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Return Policy

Items shipped from Ruebee’s Cosmetics, including Warehouse, can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in most cases. Some products have different policies or requirements associated with them. Some items cannot be returned due to the nature of said items, and in most cases, customers may receive a full or partial refund.

Mistaken Returns

  1. Ensure you enclose the correct and complete item when making a return. We need the correct item returned to grant a refund.

  2. To protect our associates and customers, Ruebee’s Cosmetics will dispose of incorrect/mistaken returns. If you sent an incorrect item, contact Customer Service as soon as possible.

  3. We cannot guarantee your item will be found and returned, and we don’t provide compensation for any incorrect/mistaken items returned and disposed of.

Overall Return Policy

It can take up to 7 - 10 days for an item to reach us once you return it. Once the item is received at our fulfillment center, it takes 2 business days for the refund to be processed and 2-3 business days for the refund amount to show up in your account, depending on your bank it could take longer.
Your return label will require you to return the item at your own expense. Ruebee’s Cosmetics will automatically refund up to $10 for return postage costs on receipt of the item:

  • Damaged

  • Missing

  • Incorrectly shipped

  • Missed Label

If your return postage costs exceed $10, you may contact our Customer Service Center to request a refund of the remaining postage cost. If you return a defective, damaged, or incorrect item, Ruebee’s cosmetics cannot be held liable. However, you will be refunded the full postage cost once your return is processed.

Shipping & Logistics

Ruebee's Cosmetics ships Items ordered between the hours of 12:00 am and 12:00 pm the same business day depending on the shipping speed selected. Shipping speed and prices may vary depending on item size and weight, this can also apply to quantity. Some products and memberships may offer free shipping! However, handing may not be included.

Shipping Speed Offered

  • Standard 3-5 Days Shipping

  • 1-day Shipping     (will be shipped the next business day if ordered after 1:00 pm)

  • 2-Day Shipping      (will be shipped the next business day if ordered after 1:00 pm)

  • Same-Day Shipping – only in NY and NJ once ordered between 12:00 am – 12:00 pm. (Eastern-Time)

  • No Rush - Schedule Delivery - Price may vary by item/s size and weight, for as low as $8.99 per item.

Policies may change to fit company guidelines at any time.

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