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What your skin says about you?

Updated: May 7, 2021

For centuries our skin has been identified as our canvas. this is where the magic happens, healthy skin is what makes up for 50% of our natural beauty. with my Skin butter, you'll have the formula to help express that lovely glow hiding dormie waiting to burst out.

With unhealthy skin, it is easy to notice patches of different tones all over the face. These patches could appear as blotches of reddened or darkened color. One of the most common signs of unhealthy skin is excessive darkening around the body.

Here are some signs that you already have healthy skin — even if you're not so sure yourself.

  1. Your skin is hydrated enough.

  2. You're practicing sun protection daily, no matter where you're going that day.

  3. Your skin doesn't feel like anything – it is just there.

  4. The texture is fine, as long as it's consistent texture.

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