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Face scrubs can be a great start on the road to healthy skincare!

It can be a minefield and sometimes feel like it’s one extra step in an already lengthy skincare ritual. But, used correctly, face scrubs can revitalize your skin and restore your natural glow.

Questions ask..,

  • Are face scrubs good for your skin?

  • Do they work?

  • How often should you use them – and which one is best for your skin concern?

  • How often should you exfoliate?

Read on for our ultimate guide to exfoliating.


It improves skin tone and texture.
Every day, dead skin cells, dirt, and oil build up on the surface of your skin, which can leave it feeling and looking dull and dry. A gentle exfoliator removes this buildup, revealing newer, fresher, smoother, and healthier-looking skin.

It unclogs pores.
Our pores can get clogged from a buildup of sebum (naturally occurring oil in our skin), as well as dirt and grime from pollution, sweat, and general everyday life – which can lead to the appearance of spots. It’s important to give your face a thorough clean with a face scrub once or twice a week to remove this buildup.

It helps fade spots and scars.
Exfoliants break down dry and dead skin while smoothing texture, which means the skin appears to look more uniform over time. Any appearance of acne scars, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation will soon be reduced.

It helps your skincare absorb faster.
If your skin has a thick layer of dead skin cells, your serum and moisturizer will have to work harder to penetrate the layers of the skin they’re trying to reach. By removing these dead skin cells, you’re helping these products work to their best abilities.

It helps fight signs of aging.
Typically, our skin regenerates every 25-30 days but as we get older, this process starts to slow down – meaning we need to give it a little boost. Face scrubs mimic this rejuvenation process, giving skin a new lease of life.

When and how to exfoliate.

Exfoliating too often could have a damaging effect on the skin. We recommend using a face scrub once or twice a week to reap the full benefits of a face scrub without damaging the skin. Our Daily Exfoliating Cream is mild, creamy, and non-granular, making it our best exfoliating face scrub for sensitive skin. If signs of aging are your main skin concern, go for the Purely Age-Defying Refining Treatment, which gently lifts dry skin and impurities to reveal softer, smoother, and more even-looking skin.

Stop using harsh scrubs and switch to our gentle formulas that nourish the skin. Shop our range here

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