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Bayonne, NJ, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As our receptionist, you will be the first point of contact for our company. you are required to offering administrative support across the organization. You will welcome guests and greet people who visit the business. You will also coordinate front-desk activities, including distributing correspondence and redirecting phone calls.


Ruebee’s cosmetics is looking for a receptionist to manage and represent our company, appeal to our daily customers, perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. If you are a passionate self-starter, we would be happy to welcome you to our team!


  • Answer phones, senting Email, Fax and Business letters

  • Demonstrated ability to read, write, and speak English and Spanish – a must

  • Excellent time management skills and ability to multitask and prioritize work

  • Excellent interpersonal skills: service-oriented, creative, positive, proactive attitude

  • Proficient in Google Suite

  • Work some Saturdays

  • Greet and welcome employees and guests when they arrive to the office

  • Ensure physical security policies are maintained at point-of-entry and register visitors

  • Maintain that reception area and all common areas are clean and tidy

  • Support the Senior Operations Manager

  • Serve as the point person for administrative office duties including incoming and outgoing mail, deliveries, parking etc.

  • Schedule meetings and calendar appointments when needed

  • Maintain schedules for shared spaces and meeting rooms are up to date and utilized

  • Order office supplies, stationery and minor office equipment

  • Develop a refreshment program and keep an inventory of stock

  • Asist employees with their administrative needs to create an excellent employee experience

  • Provide excellent support to customers, consumers, venders and clients on all relevant admin aspects

About the Company

Ruebee’s Cosmetics is committed to creating the world's best Cosmetic brand offering a captivating customer experience that drive long-term loyalty and while delivering on our promises to create the best Hair and skin care products for all. Our Hair & Skincare products are guaranteed to give customers all the nutrients their hair and body needs for an incredible glow and sheen.

Ruebee’s Cosmetics offers a variety of Hair, Skin and Body care Products created with all-natural ingredients, no added or artificial products or brands from any competitors. All ingredients are carefully hand-selected and personal mixed into its' own unique provide the best outcome to its users while preserving and boosting their natural beauty.

We aim to appeal to our customers and their communities, by beating out the competition with guarantees of satisfactory and long-lasting results. We utilize all forms of advertising methods such as, but not limited to mainstream, social media, and our users’ platforms. We intend to compete against all manufactures of hair, skin and beauty care products, while bringing a unique natural fragrance, feel and texture, along with the scientific guarantee that our products work and feels great no matter who is applying it, or the weather conditions they’re in.

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